Týnda Táknið Dan Brown


Published: 2009


523 pages


Týnda Táknið  by  Dan Brown

Týnda Táknið by Dan Brown
2009 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 523 pages | ISBN: | 7.25 Mb

I don’t get all the haters of the Dan Brown books. Are you really going in with the expectation that these books are going to be award-winning, works of art? If so, do you critique every book you read with that same expectation? It would be a pity if you did.Like movies, I don’t expect every one I watch to be an Academy Award winner.

If I did, that would certainly narrow the number of films I’d see. No, I go to be entertained (whatever that may mean on any particular day). That’s the way I look at the books I read, particularly fiction, and I think Dan Brown’s books are very entertaining. They are a fictional escape.We’ve all seen the stats that show how few books Americans are reading these days (present company excluded) and I think these types of books are an excellent way to get the masses to pick up, read, listen and get back involved in books.

That’s what it is all about…like starting children with books from an early age, once they’re in, who knows where it can lead them. I want more of my friends to read books and if this is the hook, then I’m happy to bait it and reel them in.My personal opinion of the Lost Key Symbol was that I liked it, but after reading all his other books I found this one more predictable. Still it was entertaining and I recommend it. I think many others will enjoy it as well.

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