The Vatican with the Restored Sistine Chapel Francesco Papafava


Published: 1984


96 pages


The Vatican with the Restored Sistine Chapel  by  Francesco Papafava

The Vatican with the Restored Sistine Chapel by Francesco Papafava
1984 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 96 pages | ISBN: | 7.66 Mb

This is one of those guide books that you can find for sale at just about any major destination tourism location. You know, one of those books that tells all the basic details of the location, that is available for sale in a plethora of different languages, all lined up side by side in the locations gift shop. I admit I have a weakness for books like this, and whenever I visit any such tourism location, I almost always (okay, always always) but a copy of said tourist book. I like them, I collect them, what can I say.So while this was an interesting look at the Vatican, St. Peters Basilica, the museums and the gardens, there were some obvious translation errors, typos, and some areas where you could just tell that this book was generically translated from some other original language (probably from Italian).

Such is the hazard of these tourism type guide books.Yet even with the less that exemplary text, the photographs in this books are GORGEOUS! Yes, absolutely, beautifully, gorgeous. The pictures (and the book is loaded with pictures, filled with pictures, in fact is wall to wall, cover to cover pictures) make the book worth every penny (or Lira) that I spent on it. So it gets to stay on my shelf permanently, along with all my other generic guide books from every other tourist location I have visited, just so I can go visit the pictures any time I want.

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