Kinors Sandpiper: The Gadara Colony Book 1 Janet Juengel



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Kinors Sandpiper: The Gadara Colony Book 1  by  Janet Juengel

Kinors Sandpiper: The Gadara Colony Book 1 by Janet Juengel
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This is the first book in a futuristic Christian romance novel series.The Gadara Colony was established eighteen years after the country suffered a devastating attack by enemies that had used a new weapon that had caused the near collapse of the government. The government was able to gather their forces and repel the enemy, but the weapon had caused huge loss of life and rendered much of the countrys fertile soil unusable for habitation and crops. This caused a nationwide depression and food shortage that ended in a huge public panic.

Martial law was established to help keep order. All public activities that spoke against the policies of the government were banned including religious ones.Some people didnt react well to marshal law, especially when it soon became evident that not all of the lawmen were honorable men.

Vigilante groups sprung up throughout the country. Twelve colonies were created to house the mostly male young adult nonconformist and petty criminals. Each colony was placed in what was deemed not only miserable, but also nearly uninhabitable land areas of the continent.

Four were located in the desert west, four were in the bitterly cold north, and four were located on bug infested or devastated islands. A high number of young male adults of religious persuasions found themselves convicted of misdemeanor crimes and sentenced as a colony detainee for a period of up to five years.The religious community petitioned to allow humanitarian missions in the colonies to serve the needs of the colony. The government had reluctantly agreed to finance the missionaries with the stipulation that the commitment would be a mandatory five-year obligation, and once someone signed up, they couldnt back out.Soon people in power realized the benefits of having colony missionaries as a number of pregnant girlfriends of prominent people, political rivals, outspoken religious leaders, and undesirable boyfriends had found themselves miraculously signed up as missionaries.

They were known as the forced missionaries. The group of actual volunteer missionaries that had signed up to do the five-year mission trip in the colony was very small. That being said, all the colonies were very male heavy. Females were almost nonexistent.In the second year of the colonys existence, a new law was passed in many states that made any person convicted of publicly speaking about religion or other views that went against the government to a compulsory five-year missionary trip to one of the colonies.

The religious community adjusted by spreading the good news in disguise, but people were still caught and sent.Kinor had lost nearly all of his family in the great devastation. His grandmother had raised him in a godly home where he had attended the local church. From an early age, she had encouraged his interest in construction. He had taken her death hard, and when he was approached by a church acquaintance about setting up his own construction business in one of the colonies being established in the west, he was open to the idea. After studying up on the prospect, he decided to go.

He found life in the colony satisfying and wanted to make a life there, but there was one big problem, women, or the lack of them to be more accurate. How was he to make a life in the colony if the prospects for a wife were pretty much nonexistent?The colonys Governing Commission knew that convincing families to stay in the colony once their five-year stint was up was essential to the long-term goals for the colony. They persuaded the colony men to donate a portion of their wages to help advertise and entice single young women to sign up to be a missionary to their colony.

Kinors company was chosen to construct the missionary housing complex the commission hoped would be needed. Would his future wife be one of these missionaries?

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